Maximizing Value with Asset Protection Planning

Offshore Corporations


Offshore Corporations

Jeffrey R. Matsen is active in business formation, integration and leveraging offshore business entities with new or existing asset protection structures in all of the major offshore jurisdictions. Jeffrey R. Matsen can form Offshore International Business Companies (IBC’s), Foreign Asset Protection Trusts, and similarly specialized offshore components of Asset Protection Plans. Unlike an offshore service provider located in just one jurisdiction, the objectivity and security of US licensed attorneys gives the client the options and benefits of alternative jurisdiction analysis. In addition, we can provide valuable insight to optimize the US component of any prospective business or asset protection structure.

Matsen has an extensive network of offshore business, banking and trust connections that enable him to facilitate setting up and implementing offshore business and asset protection planning.

The following is from the article entitled “Asset Protection Planning”:

The proliferation of plaintiff lawsuits and the expanding concept of liability that has become second nature in our court system have engendered much concern and anxiety about the preservation of wealth in the United States. Many professionals like doctors and lawyers as well as business owners, corporate executives, real estate developers and investors, contractors and others operate in an environment of high risk. Many such people lack confidence that they will be treated fairly by the US legal system and are desirous of reducing their financial profile and eliminating their liability potential. For these individuals, the offshore planning alternative may very well be the best planning device available for maximum comfort and piece of mind.

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