Maximizing Value with Asset Protection Planning



John Bisnar, Newport Beach CA Relationship: Worked together on matters

Jeffrey Matsen is my first choice for trust and estate matters. I have hired Jeff multiple times to perform trust work for my clients. He is the only attorney I use for these matters. He is very skilled, listens well, gets things done right the first time, gets work done on time, is flexible and easy to work with. I highly endorse Jeff and anyone interested can call me to verify my endorsement.

Scott Levine, San Diego CA Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Jeff is THE person to call if you need competent Estate Planning or Asset Protection advice or counsel. He is knowledgeable, energetic and most of all an educator. He will educate you about the important decisions that you need to make regarding your Estate Plan and/or Asset Protection Plan. If you already have an Estate Plan, contact Jeff for a review as it is very possible that you need changes, modifications or even a new plan!

Marc Selden, New York NY Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse this lawyer’s work. I have co-counseled with Jeff Matsen on both Off Shore Asset Protection and Domestic Asset Protection matters for high net worth clients. Jeff’s knowledge in the Asset Protection arena is extensive and he is a true professional in every aspect. In addition to being a great practitioner, Jeff is a wonderful educator and loves to teach lawyers and other estate planning professionals on Asset Protection. Jeff has been and continues to be a mentor to me. It is a privilege to work with Jeff and I highly recommend his services.

James Ulwelling, Costa Mesa CA Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer’s work. I have personally referred several clients to Jeff Matsen. I have complete trust and confidence in his abilities. Mr. Matsen has mastered the laws relevant to his area of practice, but what really sets him apart is his skill as a counselor. He truly cares about his clients and will go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable, confident and secure. Having a large family himself, Mr. Matsen deeply appreciates the human implications of estate planning decisions.

Michael Burstein, Los Angeles CA Worked together on matter

I am an attorney with a very successful Estate Planning practice in the Los Angeles area. From time to time, I am able to collaborate with attorney Jeff Matsen on more sophisticated and high net worth Estate and Asset Protection matters. Jeff is recognized as one of the top Estate Planning attorneys in the country and I am pleased that I have been able to take advantage of his experience, skills, and legal creativity to assist me in meeting my clients’ estate and tax saving objectives. I am very grateful for Jeff’s friendship and the opportunity we have to work together on complicated Estate Planning matters.

Robert Estes , Minneapolis MN Fellow lawyer in community

Jeff is simply one of the most experienced practitioners in the field of estate planning and asset protection–bar none. When you work with Jeff you will find that it is not only his knowledge level that is impressive, it is also the manner in which he has set up bulletproof processes in order to ensure that the job gets done–beginning to end. When Jeff speaks everyone listens. I hope to continue working with Jeff in every possible and continue to learn from him.

Darrin Mish, Tampa FL Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I’ve heard Jeff Matsen described as the “Best Attorney in the World” by another attorney & I would have to agree. You just don’t see lawyers with more experience or breadth of knowledge. Combining that with Jeff’s unfailingly high level of integrity gives the high net worth individuals the confidence they need to entrust their estate planning to him. Without question, I recommend Jeff Matsen as an attorney as a man.

Steven Oshins, Las Vegas NV Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse Jeff’s work. I have known Jeff for many years. He is extremely professional and is as good as it gets in estate planning and asset protection. I would not hesitate to send him a client of any size.

Joshua Shulman, Portland OR Relationship: Other

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Jeff is an amazing attorney as well as gifted educator, a wonderful mentor, and just simply a great guy. He is super-knowledgeable and experienced in estate planning and asset protection. He was named one of “America’s Top 100 Attorneys” for a reason. I would refer clients to him in a heartbeat. He cares about his clients and what he does, and that’s why he gets such great results.

Benjamin Sowards, Milpitas CA Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Jeff is a highly skilled asset protection and estate planning attorney. Jeff is a nationally recognized estate planning expert. Jeff is what I like to call the lawyer’s lawyer – he is the person other lawyers and professionals turn to when they want to protect their wealth and provide for future generations.

Amina Saeed, North Aurora IL Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Not too many people share Jeff’s ability to explain complex estate planning and asset protection techniques with such ease. He understands the needs of high net worth individuals and has the knowledge and experience to help them protect, preserve and transfer wealth. As an estate planning attorney myself, I have attended seminars and continuing education programs presented by experts nationwide. Jeff’s presentations are always among the best and I enjoy learning from him. His dedication and enthusiasm for the subject matter are readily apparent.

Gregory Herman-Giddens, Chapel Hill NC Relationship: Worked together on matter

I have attended several of Mr. Matsen’s presentations and worked with him on an asset protection matter. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and in general an attorney of the highest caliber.

Robert Petrokofsky, Newport Beach CA Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I am an attorney with a business litigation and general civil practice in Southern California. I have referred several estate planning and probate clients to Jeff Matsen and will continue to do so in the future. In addition, I have worked with Jeff on a few complicated estate administration cases and he has done an outstanding job. I recommend Jeff for probate, estate administration, and estate planning matters.

Kevin Von Tungeln, Lancaster CA Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

After watching Jeff Matsen in action, I can say without reservation that Jeff’s asset protection skills and his ability to assist high net worth families and business owners is unmatched. As a specialist in this field myself, I am learning tremendous amounts from Jeff, and I attend seminars from the very best attorneys all across the country. I cannot wait to work with Jeff Matsen again. Jeff is truly one of the best attorneys in the United States.

Christopher Morales, San Francisco CA Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Jeff is simply the best at what he does. If you are the type of person that has worked hard for what you have, and you have accumulated some wealth, it would be foolhardy to not talk to Jeff about protecting those assets. I know a lot of attorneys, and Jeff is the only lawyer I would recommend for high net worth people.

Bryan Eisenbise, Santa Ana CA Relationship: Worked together on matter

I trust Jeff to work along side me on all my advanced estate planning and asset protection matters. His level of expertise and experience translates incredibly to his communication with my clients. I hold Jeff in the highest regards, and would certainly encourage any other attorneys to utilize his expertise for complicated estate, business, and asset protection / planning matters.

James Voeller, San Antonio TX Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Jeff Matsen is a highly respected member of the estate planning community. I had the privilege of co-authoring a book with Jeff along with a number of other attorneys. His knowledge about complex estate planning and asset protection tools is extremely thorough. More importantly, his ability to communicate with people without “talking down” to them is refreshing and a rare quality among attorneys. I highly recommend Jeff Matsen.

Howard Lang, Libertyville IL Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse this lawyer’s work. He has expertise in asset protection and advanced planning. He has excellent protocols and procedures that lend to a very favorable client experience. He is one of the preeminent estate attorneys in the country.

P. Green, Salem OR Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Mr. Matsen is a well-known and respected estate planning attorney. He is particularly known for his work in the arena of asset protection. I have attended several of Mr. Matsen’s courses on asset protection, and have been impressed by his knowledge, skillful speaking, and friendly demeanor.

Kyle Krasa, Pacific Grove CA Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Mr. Matsen is very knowledgeable, fair, and easy to work with. He makes clients feel at ease while at the same time provides excellent legal service. He has an excellent team who are all considerate and proficient at what they do. I do not hesitate to refer clients to him.

James Alder, Salt Lake City UT Relationship: Worked together on matter

I have paid considerable attention to Jeff’s vast knowledge and abilities and look forward to partnering with him in planning for my clients. Jeff has extensive experience in planning for high net worth individuals with a vast array of estate planning and asset protection vehicles.

Brenda Geiger, Carlsbad CA Relationship: Worked together on matter

Jeff is an extraordinary attorney and person. His experience and knowledge is at the top of our profession and I trust him implicitly. I highly recommend Jeff to other attorneys as well as consumers for asset protection, trusts, business planning and off shore trusts. Jeff is not only at the very top of our profession, he is a caring and devoted father, husband and friend to so many.

Kristin Yokomoto, Irvine CA Relationship: Worked together on matter

Jeff is a top notch estate planning lawyer who is well-respected by his peers. He gives so much to his clients, colleague, and community. I highly endorse Jeff.

Eden Rose Brown, Owner, Law Office of Eden Rose Brown

I have worked closely with Jeff for many years and have enjoyed the collaboration and collegiality that comes from working with such a top-notch lawyer. Jeff is honest, intelligent and cares about his clients as well as his professional relationships. He keeps current on the latest legal strategies and shares that knowledge with his colleagues through writing and speaking across the country. Jeff has a caring and compassionate heart, a keen intellect, and is a straight shooter with great integrity, high professional standards and a strong commitment to family, faith, and community. I recommend him highly.

Dennis Brislawn, Principal Member, WealthCounsel, LLC

Jeffrey is widely regarded as a trust “guru”. He has a way of explaining complex and interrelated topics so that they make sense. He is a lawyer’s lawyer, with a tremendous grasp of taxation, asset protection, and how to use trusts and business entities to accomplish a number of goals efficiently and privately. Anyone would be lucky to have an attorney of this caliber as their own attorney. We lawyers are lucky to have a colleague so willing to share his knowledge and experience with us for the good of the practice.

Lance A. McKinlay, Partner, Manderson, Schafer & McKinlay LLP

Asset protection and planning for individuals of high net worth involves a complex legal arena, which is why I have recommended Jeff Matsen in this area of practice, and would recommend him again. He brings 35+ years of experience, plus a bright mind, an engaging personality and integrity.

John Graham, Owner, John A. Graham & Associates

I have known Mr. Matsen for several years. He is a man of integrity. On several occassions Mr. Matsen has provided some of our mutual clients with sound advice in the areas of weath management and estate planning. I would highly recommend him because of his knowledge and vision in these areas of financial planning.

John Bisnar, hired Jeffrey as a Attorney in 2009, and hired Jeffrey more than once

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity –“Jeffrey Matsen is my first choice for a trust and estate matters. I have hired Jeff multiple times to perform trust work for my clients. He is the only attorney I use for these matters. He is very skilled, listens well, gets things done right the first time, gets work done on time, is flexible and easy to work with. I highly endorse Jeff and anyone interested can call me to verify my endorsement. 800-956-0123

Steven Welch, Member, Sanders Welch, LLC

My vocation demands that I remain abreast of the precise location of an ever-moving goalpost. Such is the nature of the law. My continuing efforts at ongoing professional and personal development have honed my radar to zero in on other professionals that are the “real deal.” It is with the utmost respect that I recommend the work of Jeff Matsen. Jeff endeavors to do all of the things that he does for his clients and his colleagues from a fully-orbed legal and transactional perspective that brings to bear a wealth of experience upon almost any problem a client might face in that multi-disciplinary practice that we attorneys so tersely dub “estate planning.” What is even more worthy of note is that Jeff is that rare individual who does what he does so well, and he does it with integrity, grace, sensitivity, and good humor.

Garrett Griffin, Estate Planning Attorney at BridgeBuilder – Plans For Life, a Practice Group of Kevan D. Acord, P.A., BridgeBuilder- Plans for Life

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jeff through WealthCounsel, a national organization of estate planning attorneys. Jeff possesses vast knowledge in the areas of asset protection and planning for individuals of high net worth. Our firm was so impressed with Jeff, we asked him to join our firm as Of Counsel. Not only is Jeff a great attorney, but a respected mentor and friend.

Kirsten Izatt, Attorney & Counselor at Law, The Estate Planning Law Group

Jeff is a pleasure work with and is extremely responsive to both his colleagues and clients. He has extensive experience handling sophisticated wealth transfer cases and has written numerous books and articles in the field of asset protection, wealth transfer, estate tax minimization strategies, and business entities. Jeff is available to co-counsel with estate planning practitioners who are seeking guidance from one of the top attorneys in the field.

Jan Copley, Attorney, Jan Copley Attorney At Law

Jeff Matsen is a brilliant, generous lawyer who knows about business organizations and protecting assets as anyone I know. He’s also done a great job building his business. If you are a colleague or a potential client, I know that Jeff can help you.

Judith Michael Fouladi, Attorney, Bohm Matsen, LLP

Jeff is definitely the ‘go-to’ person for asset protection — from the small estate, to the very large. If you’re about protecting (and keeping) what you own, you’ll want to see Jeff Matsen.

Jonathan Terry, Founding Partner, Ulich & Terry LLP

Jeff Matsen is as tough as a champion prize fighter but has the integrity and good character of a boy scout. I recommend putting him in your corner to help solve any business transaction or challenge, complex or not.

Tom Francis, Attorney, THOMAS E. FRANCIS, P.C.

Mr. Matsen brings innovative solutions to address often complex wealth management issues.

Gregory Herman-Giddens, Attorney and President, TrustCounsel

I worked with Jeff on an asset protection matter, and found him to be very knowledgeable, friendly and prompt in providing assistance.

W. Vito Lanuti, Attorney, W.Vito Lanuti & Associates

Jeff was my law professor in business planning over 30 years ago. At the time Jeff had written the best business planning book around. He is without question one of the most astute and experienced attorneys nationally in estate planning, business planning, and asset protection. Always willing to help, he is a teacher, mentor, and co-counsel of the highest caliber. Add in a quick wit and great personality and it just doesn’t get any better.

Jay Adkisson, hired Jeffrey as a Attorney in 2003

Personable, On Time, High Integrity –“I’ve known Jeff Matsen for many years, have referred clients to Jeff, and have lectured with Jeff at various professional educational conferences. Jeff is a consummate professional who is passionate about his practice and very happy with what he is doing.”

Joseph Groff, Associate Attorney, Bohm Matsen, LLP

Jeff Matsen is the gold standard in the fields of Estate Planning and Asset Protection. With decades of experience, Mr. Matsen provides time-tested and innovative solutions to a client’s wealth management concerns. But perhaps most importantly, he is a family man of great integrity.

Christine Weiner, Owner, Christine C. Weiner, A Prof. Law Corp.

“I am pleased to give an excellent recommendation to Jeffrey Matsen, whom I have known professionally for more than 5 years, in advanced estate planning & asset protection groups; WealthCounsel, & Southern California Institute. Jeffrey has been an outstanding mentor and co-counsel on several asset protection planning cases. He assisted in protecting a medical professional from alleged malpractice & criminal liability; the medical professional was completely exonerated and saved his personal assets. It is my pleasure to give a superb recommendation to Jeffrey Matsen.

Carol Gonnella, Attorney, Gonnella & Associates

Jeffrey and I have taught various subjects in the same venues. He is an expert not only on the subject of creditor protection planning but also estate planning. Besides being a great guy, he is a great attorney and a wonderful communicator. His primary goal is to do what is best for his client…and he does a superb job of that.