Maximizing Value with Asset Protection Planning



What is an LLC and What are the Advantages?

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a flexible form of entity that is designed to provide the protective features of a corporation, with the tax advantages and operational flexibility of a partnership. The LLC is a popular choice for small business owners who are looking to form a limited liability entity simply to protect personal […]

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Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

Offshore Asset Protection Trusts We set up and structure Offshore Asset Protection Plans utilizing and Offshore Asset Protection Trusts. We normally prefer the jurisdiction of the Cook Islands with respect to the domicile of the Trust. We like many of the features involved with the employment of the Cook Islands as the domiciliary of our […]

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Doing Business Offshore

Doing Business Offshore Many business owners and investors either have opportunities or are interested in developing opportunities by doing business offshore. We represent several offshore businesses whose owners are either US based or foreign based. We understand the offshore business structure and we know how to set it up and properly maintain it. Doing business […]

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Offshore Corporations

Offshore Corporations Jeffrey R. Matsen is active in business formation, integration and leveraging offshore business entities with new or existing asset protection structures in all of the major offshore jurisdictions. Jeffrey R. Matsen can form Offshore International Business Companies (IBC’s), Foreign Asset Protection Trusts, and similarly specialized offshore components of Asset Protection Plans. Unlike an […]

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Tips For Asset Protection

As the economy rises and falls, high net-worth individuals are at greater risk of losing what they have worked so hard to obtain. For those high net-worth individuals it is essential for them to seek expert advice and develop an asset protection plan. Thankfully, Jeffrey Matsen and his firm, Matsen Voorhees have the experience and […]

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