Maximizing Value with Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection Fundamentals


Asset Protection Fundamentals

“I am so thankful that he is there for us.”

We have effectuated a very complicated but legally sound Estate Planning structure which involves offshore trusts and legal entities. Our entire Plan and structure was devised and created by Jeff Matsen who has an unbelievable worldwide network of contacts and professional entities. Jeff and his firm are responsive and professional and I have very much appreciated their personal commitment and attention to me and my family. I am so thankful that he is there for us and that I can rely upon him and call him when the need arises because I know that he will always be there for me.

Over the last few decades, expanding theories of liability and the great proliferation of litigation has given increased emphasis to Asset Protection Planning. Business owners, physicians, other professionals, real estate owners, investors and other individuals of high net worth must always be concerned about the potential liability arising from the operation of their business or professional practice or ownership of their real estate against their personal assets.

We live in a victim oriented society. There is a strong societal tendency to blame misfortune and general ills on some specific person or entity and to attempt to obtain financial remuneration from the targeted defendants. Plaintiff lawyers are always on the look out to take cases on a contingency basis because of the alleged “pot of gold” waiting in the form of expensive jury verdicts at the end of the case. The US court system cannot be trusted what with expanding theories of liability and jury prejudice against persons of wealth and influence. The deep pocket theory is ever present when the “have nots” try to pursue claims against the “haves”. There is a multitude of potential creditor claims and because of the tremendous arsenal of creditor remedies, doctors, other professionals, business owners and all persons of some wealth have to properly structure their assets so that they can be preserved and protected. The key element here is proper planning and preparation in advance, which includes not only devising and developing an Asset Protection Strategy, but also properly implementing it with the help of a skilled and experienced attorney.